Language Arts

January 9, 2012 at 21:01

WL Editor

Language Arts Team:

Mrs. Thiems,   Department Chair                      —   ext. 23601

Mrs. Kleeman,   6th grade English                    —   ext. 23608 

Mrs. Taylor,     6th grade English                      —   ext. 23609

Mr. Hayes,     7th grade English                         —   ext. 23706

Mrs. Clark,     7th grade Reading                      —   ext. 23707

Mrs. Patsel,     7/8 grade English                      —   ext. 23703 

Mrs. Gollnick,     8th grade English                   —   ext. 23802

Mrs. Simpson,     8th grade English                  —   ext. 23809

Mr. Brewer,     8th grade Reading                      —   ext. 23807   

Ms. Phoebus,     English/Journalism                —   ext. 23712                           Website

Mrs. Gage,     Reading                                        —   ext. 23303


Useful Links and Downloads:

STAR Reading

Based on the Book               Book titles to movies

Holocaust Images

Lexiles                                 Type in your lexile and get a list of books, or type in the title of a book and find its lexile.

Reading Lists                       From Read Kiddo Read

 Photoessay Instructions     Download Mrs. Golnick’s TKM Photoessay Instructions Here (PDF)

Westlane Catalog                Find out what books we have in our library so you can check them out!

First Amendment Rights

First Amendment Center

Bill of Rights

The Free Expression Policy Project

Persuasion Map                            Read, Write, Think

StandUP                                         Stand Up with the American Civil Liberties Union

 What’s in a Name?

Affirmative Action

Clear Skies Initiative


Equal Rights Amendment

Patriot Act

Social Security Act

Voting Rights Act


California Career Zone

Career Info                                          Use the Search Box

Career Links                                        Chose any of the links to other career sites

Drive of Your Life                               Follow your teacher’s instructions to use this site

Occupational Outlook Handbook    Use Search Box or Alphabetical List

8th Grade Links

Great Depression to WWII

Photographs of the Great Depression

Migrant Farm Families Photos

Herbert Hoover/Great Depression

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