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Humanities Team

Mr. Bauserman, Department Chair, 6/7/8th Grades   — ext. 23605

Mr. Goodman,   6th Grade     — ext. 23611

Mr. Mayfield,   6th Grade     — ext. 23604

Mr. Gee,   7th Grade     — ext. 23710

Ms. Phelps,   7th Grade   — ext. 23704

Mr. Keel,   8th Grade   — ext. 23808

Mr. Weidman,   8th Grade   — ext. 23803


IB-MYP Constitution Project

6th Grade Central/South America Project
Country Resources



Nation Master

World Facts

Info Please

Dept. of Secretary of State Website

Yahoo Kids

Mr. Donn Countries

CIA World Factbook

National Atlas

 Problem Solving Resources

National Geographic



Peace Corps


Mr. Gee’s Links

Museum of Antiquities               —   Choose your River Valley!

youtube videos for home:

Civilization Revolution

Baba Yetu

Lost Treasures of the Ancient World

Ancient Egypt

Geography                                  —   Exploring the Geography of Ancient Egypt

Egypt’s Golden Empire               —   Natural Resources of Ancient Egypt

Egypt’s Golden Empire               —   Farming in Ancient Egypt

Mesopotamia                              —   Exploring Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia                              —   Mesopotamian Ziggurats

Mesopotamia                              —   Mesopotamian Trade and Transport

Debate Links

Opposing View Points Database               —   Everyone starts HERE!

Homework                                                 —   Homework ate my family

Homework                                                 —   Be sure you read both sides to the argument

Student Lockers                                        —   Try any of the three links

Cameras in Class                                      —   Either link will help

Zoos                                                            —   Keep in mind that this site is from England

Renaissance Links

Try Here First





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