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Pick-Up/Drop-off map

August 16, 2017 at 12:46

WL Editor


Cars may enter the west entrance off of 73rd street only.  They should drive back to the west end of the building and turn around to go to the front of our building.  No car should go into, or turn around in, the bus barn area.  Cars are not allowed through that entrance. 

During drop-off, cars must stay in a single lane in front of the school.  There is a green painted area on our sidewalk where students may be dropped off.  Students, please be ready to exit the car when your parent stops. 

Parents, students are not allowed on campus until 9:00 AM.  This includes walkers.  We would also like to remind you that IMPD may ticket anyone that is blocking traffic on eastbound 73rd street, so plan drop-off carefully so we are not blocking that area.  If you are dropping off because you do not know your bus stop, please have your child stop by the main office and we will get that information for them.

During Pick-up, students can get into cars in the green painted area of our sidewalk.  During pick-up, you are permitted to slowly drive into a second lane AFTER you have picked up your child.  Please make sure you are always pulling up as close to our flag pole to help alleviate traffic. 

Finally, as you wait to pick up, please make sure that you are as far to the right as possible, as buses will travel between you as they exit the campus.  In all times, make sure we are very slow and following all staff instructions.

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